Published Titles

  • Kevin VanDam's Big Bass Challenge
  • Wii (2010)
  • on Amazon
  • Winter Blast: Snow & Ice Games
  • Wii (2010)
  • on Amazon
  • Summer Sports: Paradise Island
  • Wii (2008)
  • on Amazon

Unreleased Titles

  • Kevin VanDam's Big Bass Fishing
  • PS3 (Vision Engine)
  • unannounced minigolf game
  • Wii (NintendoWare)
  • unannounced game
  • Xbox 360 (Unity)

Academic Projects

Go Play City Sports

I modeled, textured, UV-mapped, exported, created collision files, and did lighting work in the game.

Click on images to view full size screenshots.

In addition to the following scenes, I designed, modeled, UV-mapped, textured, lit, and exported the single player and soccer environments, which combined all of the minigame environments together into a single walkable street.


  • all lighting
  • modeling, UV mapping, and material setup of road, all buildings, sidewalk, trees, cars, 3D vegetable & taxi signs
  • placement, cleanup/optimization, and exporting of all models.


  • modeling, lighting, UV-mapping, texturing, and exporting of brown building on left
  • cleanup, UV-mapping, and exporting of school building on right
  • cleanup and optimization of props


  • all lighting, UV-mapping, clean-up, exporting
  • modeled subway supports and background buildings
  • texture animation on TV & radio (controlled by programmers)
  • all lighting, UV-mapping, clean-up, exporting
  • modeled subway supports, background row of buildings, and lightpoles
  • texturing of background buildings


  • modelling, UV-mapping, and clean-up of background buildings


  • modeling of background buildings
  • cleanup and exporting